It has all felt like a dream. I don’t think there are any amount of words that can adequately describe how I feel, from when Saint Peter’s cancelled face-to-face classes until March 25 and then for the rest of the spring term.

As I stated before, I don’t know how to describe how I feel, but I’m not really good for anything else if I don’t try to write and I also feel that it’s my responsibility to somehow translate what me and my classmates are feeling.

In short: it sucks. It completely, absolutely, 100 percent f*cking sucks.

I never believed people when they described college as “the best four years of their lives” and let's be real, these have not been the best four years of mine. 

But I met some pretty damn good people and made some amazing memories along the way, and to me, that has made attending college and drowning myself in student debt a little more worth it.

And sadly, that makes the pain sting so much more.

We all complained about Saint Peter’s when it was convenient for us, but we weren’t ready to leave. We unknowingly attended in-person classes for the last time, ran to Quick Zone with our friends to grab an overpriced bag of chips to eat as we walked to our dorms and stayed up late watching reality shows when we should’ve been doing homework. I wasn’t ready to give all of that up. 

We joked about how we couldn’t wait to leave Saint Peter’s -- this is too soon.

Fortunately, this will all end someday. When -- who knows anymore? A vaccine will be developed and we’ll emerge from our homes and continue life as normal. Classes after us will talk about “the one time Saint Peter’s completely shut down.” I don’t know when that day is coming, but I hope it’s soon.

I’m also trying my best to not turn this into a list of things that I won’t get to do now that my senior year has effectively ended against my will. I’m trying to be optimistic, so instead I’ll talk about all the things that I did get to do while I was at Saint Peter’s.

I got to keep doing theater and choir. I went to Junior/Senior formal. I went to Kansas City, Missouri (and hated it.) I went to Oxford and London, England (and loved it.) I met my best friends. I met my boyfriend. I met my family. I spent more money on NoodleFan, Taqueria Gloria’s, VIP and Wonder Bagel than I want to know. I worked at a newspaper and a U.S. Senator’s office. I was Editor-in-Chief of my school newspaper. I became hooked on “The Bachelor.”

I guess at this point all I can say is: thank you. Thank you to my parents. Thank you to my brothers. Thank you to my best friends (and second family.) Thank you to The Pauw Wow. Thank you to SChorale. Thank you to Argus Eyes. Thank you to the Admissions Department. Thank you to Patrick.

Thank you to Saint Peter’s and Jersey City and everyone else who made these dorm halls feel like home. 

Stay well.


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I meant to write World War I


We didn't know it, but our trip to England was our finale for the year... And the undergraduate careers of you seniors. We are blessed to have been able to go. The University also closed-but really closed-during WWII. These are frightening times, but when we come out of this nightmare, we are going to celebrate our graduates. Be safe!

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