Workers in Pandemic

In the photo,left,  Amanda Sanchez, Staff Writer, Right, Shela Picon, employee of Dunkin Donuts. 


There are Americans and people all over the world who have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I am very fortunate to be considered an essential worker during these crazy, hectic times and still have a job. 

With that being said, people who still go outside need to be mindful of when they go outside and interact with others and to practice appropriate safety measures. 

When I am at my place of work, a Dunkin Donuts in downtown Jersey City, I am aware of the risk and therefore take precautionary measures, like washing my hands  every 20 minutes, constantly changing my gloves when doing different tasks and cleaning my work stations as much as I can. But as I am serving customers, it is also their responsibility to be safe when coming into establishments and to be mindful that we are all at risk, because we have jobs that require us to interact with customers face-to-face. 

The next time you come to a fast food restaurant, a grocery store or any business that serves food and you do not happen to see gloves on their hands, do not assume they are not safe. Do not give them a dirty look, do not talk down to them and make them feel small.  

Workers are told constantly to keep cleaning and washing their hands. It's the workers who are at risk because we still have to work, while people still go outside and come to our establishments. We do not know where you have been and if you were taking precautionary steps before being in front of us. 

Please be aware we are all doing our part. Regardless if we are not health care workers who are tirelessly keeping those who are sick alive, still treat us with respect. We are outside while you are home. We are at risk while doing our job to serve you. 

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