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“I was on my way home from Times Square with another exchange student from Korea. Suddenly, a man was passing by us. ‘Coronavirus!’ He screamed and ran away. My friend and I were both so scared and angry. It was an embarrassing and unpleasant memory,” said Dhaye Kang, a junior. 

Dhaye Kang, a junior, is one of many people to have unfortunately experience discrimination. 

While scrolling through social media this month with non-stop posts of the Coronavirus and its impact on the world, there comes negatives while preventing something that caused worldwide hysteria. 

Along with the U.S.  and different countries doing what they can to prevent their citizens from contracting the virus, some people in America and in other parts of the world are treating those of Asian descent with no respect and are downright being ignorant towards them. 

From memes, people making jokes and comments to others with a cold and people on trains covering their mouths near Asian people, xenophobia is apparent in many different ways. 

Students in schools even from their own peers are ostracized, and most young adults receiving this treatment have never been to China, and aren't even Chinese. They are being stigmatized and are being discriminated against for how they look.  

While the virus started out in China, those who look a certain way outside of China are not allowed in restaurants, are being shooed off from different businesses and are being verbally harassed in the streets of their own hometowns and/or schools. 

While being aware of your health and what you can do in order to protect yourself from being ill is important, another person's feelings and safety should not be at stake for that. Fear doesn’t justify racism in any way towards a group of people. Joking about one's race or judging their culture should not justify insensitive remarks. 

We should all be aware of the hurtful comments others make around us towards those of Asian descent and speak up for those strangers on the streets when comments are being made. Asian people are not a virus, and people around the globe should be more mindful of what choices they make with their words, their posts and their comments.


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