Saint Peter's University Sesquicentennial Year

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In addition to a return to campus for the first in-person semester after 16 months of remote learning, the Saint Peter’s University community can look forward to many upcoming events celebrating the school’s 150th year.

Dr. Eileen Poiani and Dr. Virginia Bender, Special Assistant to the President and Assistant to President for Planning and Chief of Staff, have been planning this year with the help of a Sesquicentennial Committee comprised of volunteer faculty and students for over a year.

“The big announcement will be at our annual tradition which is the Mass of the Holy Spirit on September 15th,” Poiani said.

After the mass, festivities including food, games and giveaways will take place on campus in remembrance of when the school was founded in 1892. 

The theme of the coming year will be Opportunity for Generations

“What is more important than anything else is Saint Peter’s role in providing educational opportunity to all, regardless of need and background,” Bender stated. “We are two miles from the Statue of Liberty, having the same kind of golden opportunity that Jersey City and the Statue of Liberty represents. We indeed have been a big part of that, providing educational opportunities for generations.”

Bender said that the word opportunity means that the university will continue to not only be a community of faculty and students from New Jersey but that it will welcome people internationally to come and join that community. 

Clubs and departments will be holding monthly themed events for Women’s History Month, Black History Month, and Hispanic Heritage Month. 

The Sustainability Council is one of the many small communities on campus celebrating the 150th at SPU, with this year's theme being Climate Reality and Climate Inequity. The council has a monthly newsletter called the Peacock Planet, edited by Scott Keller, a member of the council and also the Director of the Center for Global Learning. 

The Class of 2022 will also be making history as the Sesquicentennial Class.

“The Class of 2022 are going to be able to participate in everything and anything. There will be some signature events, but there will also be regular events,” said Poiani. 

Events for the Class of 2022 will be announced as the year progresses.

There will also be educational events in the coming year such as an interactive digital timeline of the history of Saint Peter’s and a photo gallery at the library. Activities and alumni speakers will also be included. 

Vice President McCann and Jan Reimer shared that the Student Leadership groups will be meeting to plan student events in honor of the Sesquicentennial and that those plans are to be announced soon. 

Information about the Sesquicentennial will be shared on the following website.

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