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The student newspaper of Saint Peter’s University is intended to be a voice for students and a reliable source of truth. It is also meant to be a reflection of our student community, and this should extend to our publication’s title.

Last fall, we announced that the newspaper would be undergoing a name change. Our previous name did not embody the values of our community but rather the legacy of a man who perpetuated and participated in systems of cruelty and oppression against Indigenous and African peoples. We unequivocally and wholeheartedly refuse to accept this as it is not representative of the diverse student community that thrives at Saint Peter’s University.

Since our announcement, we have been working closely with the Students for Peace and Justice, the university administration, alumni and the student community to pave the way for a new name that is congruous with the values of those on our editorial board and our student community.

We would like to finally announce that the new name of the student newspaper of Saint Peter’s University is:

Saint Peter’s Tribune

Simply put, this newspaper is a Saint Peter’s publication and should be titled as such. Our previous name was not reflective of this fact and directly contradicted the diversity of our staff and community as well as our morals. Our new title is a simple and direct indication of who this newspaper aims to serve.

“Tribune” is a historical term referring to officials elected by the people of Rome to represent their interests. We at the Saint Peter’s Tribune wish to reflect the interests of the Saint Peter’s community through our work.

We are glad to finally start this new journey and excited to continue our faithful and accurate reporting of the news that matters to Saint Peter’s students. Although we will never be able to bring back the lives that were lost and the communities that were destroyed as a result of violence and oppression, we must honor those individuals, understand our history and remain committed to justice in every way we can. This is one way of doing so. 

The Saint Peter’s Tribune Editorial Board


Students for Peace & Justice

Black Action Committee

Student Government Association

Muslim Student Association

Accounting Society 

Saint Peter's University SCHOLA

Dance Team

TriBeta Honors Society

Economics and Finance Association

EOFSA (Educational Opportunity Fund Student Alliance)

Desi Club

Honors Club


Kappa Pi Zeta Alpha Mu

The Pavan

Class of 2021

Student Entertainment Board

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