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Photo courtesies from Saint Peter's University and Saint Peter's Tribune websites. 

Welcome back, Peacocks!! 

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year and a great start to the spring semester!

Over the past years, Saint Peter’s has gone through unforgettable, historic moments. From celebrating recently the university’s 150th anniversary to the men’s basketball team having their  outstanding March Madness run, our school and its community have experienced long-lasting memories — with our newspaper being there to cover it all. 

This year, the Saint Peter’s Tribune is also living through a historic moment: celebrating its 90th anniversary! For 90 years, our student publication has committed to empower the Saint Peter’s community by reporting on news that holds our institution accountable accurately and objectively. Most importantly, we have and will continue to ensure that our student’s voices are heard, and strive to bring our community closer together.

Just like Saint Peter’s, the student newspaper has gone through significant moments. Our most notable change, so far, has been the naming of our newspaper, formerly known as the Pauw Wow; a name which had racist connotations yet remained as our title for over 80 years. Our publication along with other groups on campus saw an opportunity to hold itself accountable. 

Throughout this semester, we will be celebrating our 90th anniversary in a variety of ways. We will create a new column on our website where we’ll be republishing past news articles from our archive to commemorate our university and student newspaper’s history. In addition, new merchandise and potential events will be coming along throughout the year!

I would like to thank our E-Board staff and our faculty advisor for their hard work and dedication. Thank you to the Communications and Media Culture Department, for your unwavering support of student journalism, along with the rest of our school’s faculty, staff and alumni. But above all, I want to thank our students who continue to read and actively engage with our publication. 

Happy 90th anniversary, Saint Peter’s Tribune! 

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