Run Baby Run Arena 

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The Class of 2022 will be choosing where to celebrate their graduation in the coming months as the sesquicentennial class at Saint Peter’s University.

On November 11, Dr. DeCapua Rinck, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, sent out an email from the Office of the Provost to the Class of 2022 announcing that it would be a good idea to hold the commencement ceremony at the new Run Baby Run Arena, which recently had its grand reveal on campus. 

“Due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received from hosting commencement on campus for the classes of 2020 and 2021, we would like to host this year’s commencement on campus as well,” said Rinck.

She listed the benefits that would come with holding the graduation ceremony at the arena. These benefits included flexibility with dates, times and weather, and , greater accessibility throughmass transit. 

Rinck also noted greater flexibility with post-graduation ceremonies and a more “personalized experience.”

The Class of 2022 can fill out a survey to share their thoughts on the recent announcement. 

Communication and media culture major and senior class president, Kiara Suero, encouraged students to fill out the survey. 

Suero wants the Class of 2022 to inform the university that this is not what they want to see for commencement. Similarly to the Class of 2020, when the news broke out that their graduation would have been held in the RLC. 

“Nothing is set in stone, I feel like the wording of the email was really wrong. They worded the email to make it seem as if it was definite but that's really not the case yet,” shared Suero.

Suero emphasized that the chance to have the commencement at the PNC Bank Arts Center is still there, but that there are still “logistical issues” with obtaining the venue. She highlights that students should make time to complete the survey “in order for us to stop this” and “create a different solution.”

Suero wants to know the details of the commencement and believes that although the Class of 2020 and 2021 commencement ceremonies were deemed successful to some, it was a different situation and it was a great option during that period of time. 

Senior Sulma Cordova-Moz, an elementary education major and Senator for the Class of 2022 also spoke up about the recent announcement.

“I’m more comfortable having it on campus because I know I have the ability to do both but I also have to take into perspective that not everybody has the same opportunities to get the ride or transportation to PNC.”

Senior Fatima Camara, a political science major minoring in Africana Studies, believes that administration does not understand how the student body feels about this decision.

“I feel like they’re looking for a cheap alternative and claiming it’s for our best interest,” said Camara. “There was definitely not a positive reaction from the student body and the fact that the administration thinks there was shows how out of touch they are with us.”

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