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Graphic by Eva Reid.

On April 5, Governor Phil Murphy announced that all NJ residents sixteen and older would be eligible to get the coronavirus vaccine beginning April 19.

Following this, on April 21, Dean of Students Travis Whisler sent an email to the campus community announcing that the school has COVID-19 vaccines available for students.

There will be 60 slots on April 22nd and 60 slots on April 23rd from 9AM-3PM of Moderna. More appointments will be available soon.

According to the CDC, over 6 million total vaccines have been administered in the state of NJ. Nearly 4 million of the NJ population have received a first dose, and over 2.5 million NJ residents are fully vaccinated.

As vaccines are distributed, businesses and other institutions are looking at reopening plans.

Saint Peter’s University will be officially returning to campus in the Fall 2021 semester, and after a year of online learning, the community can look forward to seeing one another face-to-face on campus and in classes and meetings.

Last week, VP Erin McCann stated that she was as yet unable to answer whether the campus community will be required by the university to get the vaccine.

Some students and faculty shared their vaccination status.

Professor Barna Donovan, who teaches in the Communication and Media Culture Department, hopes to be getting his first vaccine soon.

“I haven’t gotten the vaccine yet, but I am planning on getting it,” said Donovan. “I’m in the process of trying to set up an appointment near me.”

Conor Farley, a junior sports management major, also looks forward to receiving the vaccine soon. “I do plan on getting it, very soon whenever I can schedule it,” Farley said.

Professor Peter Heap, who teaches philosophy, shared his experience receiving the vaccine.

“I have been vaccinated,” said Heap. “I am teaching an in-person class this semester at another university, so I qualified early on for vaccination in New York which is where I live. I received the Moderna vaccine in mid-February and mid-March.”

Heap discussed the importance of getting vaccinated because of the dangers of COVID-19. He asserted that the vaccine risks are tiny compared to the risks of the virus.

“We should all get vaccinated as soon as possible so that we can return to normal life quickly,” Heap said.

Adrista Ramirez, a senior accounting major, is currently waiting on her second vaccination appointment.

“I received my first shot on April 8th, and I got Moderna,” Ramirez said.

As more of the population is inoculated against COVID-19, an anxiously-awaited return to relative normalcy draws ever nearer.

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