As the semester comes to a close, second semester seniors are getting ready to hit the stage at PNC Bank Arts Center for their graduation commencement ceremony. But, before they can walk on stage and receive their diploma, there are some roadblocks that need to be passed before reaching their goal. Some could be in the midst of finishing up their capstones or theses. Others are slowly losing their motivation to finish up their final assignments. They could be experiencing what is known as “senioritis.”

Senioritis is loosely defined as a decrease in motivation as a student comes close to finishing their high school, college or graduate school career. As the end is finally in sight, some seniors are finding their semesters to be harder because of this phenomenon.

“I just don't feel like I have the will to do the work, and I already have too much to handle,” senior Michael Hester said.

Some students thought this semester would be an opportunity to slow down their workload, but are finding themselves as overworked as they were in past years.

“I was really hoping I could take it easy during my last semester,” senior Ariana Calle said. “I really did not expect it to be this busy.”

With assignments showing no sign of slowing down, students are finding themselves overwhelmed and often missing grades because of their lack of motivation.

“There are already a lot of important assignments that I’ve either fallen behind on or already missed,” Hester explained.

On top of classes, seniors are also finding themselves trying to focus on life after graduation, such as applying to graduate schools or starting the inevitable job hunt.

“I wanted to enjoy the last few months and get my head on straight in terms of post-graduate planning,” Calle explained. “I feel like schoolwork consumed so much of my time that I felt burnt out to even deal with my future.”

As the semester slowly reaches its end, students are now starting to feel the effects and are understanding that senioritis is a real problem they have to deal with in order to receive their degree.

“I do think it’s a real thing,” Calle said. “I’ve seen a difference in my work ethic from my first year to my last year. When the end is in sight, a lot of students tend to procrastinate and care less. We just want go get out and get on with our lives.”

With the final weeks of classes underway, seniors are starting to look past the phenomenon and begin focusing on finishing up the semester. Even though they’re ready for graduation, seniors first have to learn to combat the effects of senioritis instead of dismissing it as fiction.

“Last spring I was juggling six classes, an internship, and a part-time job so I really don’t have an excuse this semester,” Calle said.

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