As New Jersey residents remain stuck in quarantine, people all over social media freaked out about gyms closing and how they are going to keep their gains while having to stay home. There was the push up challenge, where you did ten push ups and tagged friends to do it too, but how else can gym rats keep up with their daily routines? 

The answer: take to social media. 

Herbert Sotamba (@pleukamanx3) is a Zumba instructor at Retro Fitness in West New York (@retrowny) and at Crunch Fitness in North Bergen. Since both locations are closed until further notice, he has since been leading his Zumba classes via Instagram live on Wednesdays at 5. 

Another gym, Strength Center (strengthcenternj) in Guttenberg, also took their fitness classes online when they had to close due to the virus. 

Katisuka de Leon, the Assistant Director of the gym, shared how the facility felt about closing, and what they did in light of the situation.

“Our people were definitely disappointed and upset because they couldn't go to the gym and for many, it's a huge part of their lives. In the end, we all had to do what was best not just for us but for everyone around.”

“In these tough times, it's super important for us all to get support, accountability and not get lost in the fear and negativity. So we moved our community online, started running live online workouts, gave tips on stress reduction and simple and easy tools people can implement with what we got.”

Leon spoke on how with closing of the gym, it has brought different opportunities with online classes.

“It definitely has taken a toll on us and business but looking at the upside of it all, it has also expanded our reach, opened the possibility for virtual training and other opportunities and allowed us to prove we can stay strong during tough times.”

You can find the StrengthCenter Familia on Instagram where they have different instructors giving online classes in the mornings either on their Instagram live or on Zoom.

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