On Thursday, April 25, Sabrina Cruz, a senior at Saint Peter’s University, will be hosting an event at Cafe Sole in Jersey City at 6 p.m.

“Hosting and putting this event together has been something I’ve been thinking about doing for about five months now, and I’m the type of person who knows how I want things [and] needs to have their hands on every aspect of the event planning so I know that it’s getting done correctly,” said Cruz.

The event is exclusive to 18-year-olds and up and will include a mock bar for people who are 21 and older.

The event includes a compilation of local artists from the Jersey City, North Jersey and New York area that will be performing such as Bazz Valencia, Vibeswvic, Qaasim and Khalil Middleton, Mia Marvelous, Jordan Barone, Denny Blanco, Saint Peter’s student Phil Bright, King E and Reylovesu. DJ Dre Taylor will also be present at the event.

Guests are able to purchase an exclusive ticket that includes two drinks at the bar. There will also be drinks available outside of the ticket purchase.

During the show, Cruz will hold intermissions between performances to get the audience involved. Cruz says she looks forward to hosting the event.

“I know hosting isn’t something new to me so I’m excited to announce all these amazing talents at the expo,” said Cruz. “This is my baby to be honest and to have it happen... [I want] to hopefully do it successfully so that I can eventually do a lot more events like this one.”

Instead of the artists speaking to Cruz on her show on WSPR, she wanted to create an event that would showcase their talents more vividly.

“I wanted to make a big event where they can all meet and connect and perform for people instead of just talking on my show. I wanted something where people can actually attend to see these artists,” said Cruz.

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